Victorian Porn

Since pornography was originated in Western Europe and then smuggled into surrounding European states, a whole period of images was established before the phenomenon hit America. The Victorian era was a prosperous period in England from the mid to late 1800’s. English society had various forms of artistic entertainment, but behind closed doors, the world of Victorian porn emerged.

Throughout the Victorian era, women became known as temples of purity. Women of a higher class in the English society were in charge of instructing employees of the household and women in the working class would find secretarial jobs. Because of this clean aura around females, taking pornographic photos had a naughty, enticing appeal that lured some women away from careers that were acceptable or classic. Porn in the Victorian era was still photographs of nude women in alluring poses or demonstrating sexual positions. It was not common to see men in Victorian porn because the public connotation of porn being prostitution left many men afraid of the potential exposure. The women would try to look more beautiful than they would in their everyday lives with heavily made up faces and perfectly coiffed hair.

The lower class people of the English society that produced and distributed the pornographic photos during the Victorian era became a successful secret organization. Some images were preserved so well that they can still be found today, categorizing them as truly classic porn.

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